Excelement Technology Ltd. is a customer-focused, high-technology-driven company. We mainly supplies a new type of basal fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite material called Neutras-FRP. Excelement designs its proprietary products in the UK, working closely with UK-based customers to meet their product specifications. The products are then tested in UKAS certified laboratories by the end product manufacturers.

Drawing on the founder’s extensive research and development experience in materials engineering spanning over 25 years, Excelement’s product development team has collaborated with world-leading experts in the basalt fiber manufacturing industry and universities. Their aim has been to redefine FRP composite materials and revolutionize the production process. The focus has been on finding a new, high-technology fibrous material that meets several criteria. They are including being environmentally friendly, having a lower carbon footprint, being stronger and more durable than existing fibrous materials, being cost-effective, thermally efficient, corrosion-resistant, and suitable for use across a wide temperature range.

This pursuit led to the discovery of high-performance basalt fiber, derived from single volcano rocks with specific chemical constituents falling within a certain range. With the basalt fiber product in hand, Excelement sought to bring it to the UK market. To establish an efficient supply chain, the company initially approached a large-scale UK client with a long history of providing high-performance products to the UK construction industry. Subsequently, a comprehensive global review of basalt fiber manufacturing was conducted to identify a raw material supplier capable of producing basalt fiber that met the technical criteria set by the UK customer.

Over a span of nearly two years, numerous prototype products were trialed, leading to the successful development of the Neutras-FRP product. The product underwent rigorous testing by the UK client in accordance with relevant UK and European technical testing standards. All tests were conducted by a large UKAS certified testing laboratory and a top UK university. The new basalt fiber reinforced polymer (BFRP) composites exhibited significantly higher compressive strength, surpassing existing products in the same category. Furthermore, the Neutras-FRP product can serve as a substitute for conventional GFRP composites.

With each technological breakthrough achieved in laboratory-scale material development, Excelement has formulated a market-driven product strategy aimed at commercializing prototype products for large-scale industrial implementation. The company works collaboratively with both local and nationwide end product manufacturers to achieve this goal.