Excelement® Technology Ltd was established in 2010 and is registered in England. The company initially focused on research and development of an innovative fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite based on the product specifications of a local customer, a prominent manufacturer in the construction sector. All our products comply with relevant British or European standards. Currently, Excelement is preparing to launch its first product, Neutras®-FRP, in collaboration with a leading European industrial company in the construction sector. Innovation lies at the core of our operations at Excelement. We possess extensive expertise in FRP composite technology, which enables us to form partnerships with customers and raw material suppliers, striving to provide long-term advantages.

Excelement not only supplies the unique Neutras®-FRP composite but also drives innovation further. We have reached the final stages of development for another groundbreaking composite, which combines the benefits of Neutras®-FRP with advanced metallic materials (e.g., low alloy steel). This revolutionary composite, known as Neutrasteel®-FRP, exhibits shearing performance equivalent to that of its core material (steel) and surface corrosion resistance equal to Neutras®-FRP.

Our business model at Excelement focuses on our strengths, rather than attempting to do everything. We exclusively partner with global leaders in their respective areas of expertise. Over the past two years, we have cultivated strong relationships with our research, production, and distribution partners. These alliances ensure that not only our partners but also our customers receive a highly skilled, responsive, and reliable service that they know and trust.

Beyond FRP composites, Excelement also serves as a distributor for world-leading manufacturers of continuous basalt fiber products in the UK and European markets. Our range of basalt fiber products includes various forms. For instance, our Basphalt® product consists of short-cut fibers designed for reinforcing asphalt road surfaces, extending the road’s service life by up to 30-40%. We also offer other product forms suitable for high-temperature applications, such as basalt fiber needle felt, fireproof fiberboard, and basalt fiber sleeves.

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